Fun Benefits

Training for and running a marathon takes so much mental and physical energy that it is sometimes easy to forget how much fun you are having. But there is definitely a lot of fun to be had in the overall experience.

  • Travel: If you love to travel, marathon running is a great excuse to visit a new city or country. You’ll get to see a lot of the local area in the race and may even be able to score discounted marathon runner rates on hotel rooms.
  • New running clothes: You’ll be running a lot, so you won’t be able to get away with one or two running outfits unless you want to be doing laundry constantly. Picking up new running gear is a great way to reward yourself for sticking to your training.
  • Local discoveries: If you typically stick to shorter distances for running and racing, training for a marathon will force you to find new places to run, since you’ll be running a lot and you’ll get bored with the same routes.
  • Finisher’s swag: Whether it’s a medal, a shirt, or a great finishing photo, you’ll get something that’s a recognition of your achievement. You may not wear it or look at it all the time, but it’ll be there when you need a tangible reminder of your running prowess.
  • Bragging rights: Once you cross that finish line, you’re a marathon finisher and will always be one. No one can ever take that title away from you.

Traveling to a new destination for a marathon can be a special way to experience a city or country that you have never been to before. But packing for a brand new city and a marathon can be a daunting task. Do your homework about the destination, check the weather, pack your favorite gels and race fuels, and most important of all, start considering what you need to pack the moment you sign up for that race.

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